My Perfect Solution For Storing and Carrying Essential Oils!

Pretty, Portable, Perfect: Sew Grown Essential Oil Cases
I love essential oils. No, I am not stressing this enough; I LOOOVE essential oils! And because of this love, I found myself surrounded by essential oil bottles. They were everywhere – I found my countertops and cabinets full of cooking oils, my walls were covered with an assortment of bottles, oils scattered throughout the entire house. I couldn't leave home without almost all of my oils so I needed a solution so they could be found at my fingertips and not getting lost in the bottom of my purse. 

I was determined to find an easy way to store my oils on the go! After a bit of research, I found the perfect solution: Sew Grown essential oils carrying cases. It was love at first sight! These bags were not only perfect for keeping and carrying around my bottles, but they were also ridiculously cute. These handcrafted beauties come in four different sizes: 6-bottle, 8-bottle, 12-bottle, and a tiny one for roll-ons and sample-size bottles. They are made from fabric, and you can choose from different, equally attractive, patterns. I already own one in each size, and they are all adorable.

So here are a few reasons why I find Sew Grown essential oil purses a perfect fit for my needs: 

My bottles fit snugly in the purse. They have elastic bands inside that hold the bottles tight in an upright position. I know the bottles will not roll around the purse and break because they are standing snug and secure in the elastic holder. I mean, I could toss the purse in the air (try at your own risk), and the bottles wouldn’t budge from their place (of course, you need to make sure the bottle caps are screwed on tight, duh!).

The purses are padded so the bottles have an extra layer of protection. Sew Grown uses two different types of fabric for the interior and the exterior. The padding is 100% high-quality cotton. You simply need to feel the material to know the company is not cutting any corners. 

They are all attractively designed. I can’t stress enough how pretty these purses are. The pattern selection is on point. They are beautiful, unique, and each pattern has a unique story. The case is held together by a metal frame with a kiss-lock clasp that gives the purse a very retro look.

Portability was high on my must-have list for cases, and these purses fit the bill perfectly. They also come with a leather wristlet strap option. I can safely carry my oils around when I need to without worrying about spills and breakage. There is room for my phone and credit cards too. In fact, any Sew Grown purse that is lying around empty becomes my go-to bag for outings. They are very stylish pieces.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover Sew Grown has teamed with STEPs, Inc. to make their products. STEPs, Inc. provides opportunities to Americans with disabilities and people in poverty. The organization empowers them by helping them learn new skills and find employment. This sealed the deal for me, and I decided I will purchase and promote Sew Grown essential oils cases.

If you are looking for a case to store and carry your essential oils, make sure you check out Sew Grown first. You can browse their entire collection here: Sew Grown Essential Oil Cases.

Make sure you use code HYE20OFF to get a 20% discount on their products. Trust me, you will love Sew Grown purses. 

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