Why Essential Oils Heal and Drugs Don't

Essential Oils VS Conventional Medicines, A Comparison
A visit to the doctor is incomplete without a prescription scribbled out, often illegible, on a piece of paper. In fact, people have become so addicted to drugs that even the CDC took note of the problem. Few people know that there are more natural and safe options available, essential oils being one.   

Natural VS Unnatural: 
Essential oils occur naturally whereas drugs are created in a lab. The human body is not accustomed to drugs because it has never encountered these molecules before. Pharmaceutical drugs are alien to the body; it cannot easily metabolize them, thus causing side-effects. In fact, doctors are taught that drugs are not effective UNLESS they have side effects!

The body frantically tries to send the drugs to various organs in order to break them down. The organs, not recognizing the molecules, are unable to process them completely. Ultimately, they are sent to areas of the body that function as long-term waste storage areas, like the fat tissue or the brain. They remain here for many years interfering with day-to-day body functions.

On the other hand, molecules that occur naturally, including the ones found in essential oils, are easily processed by the body. It quickly gets rid of them when their usefulness is served. An essential oil molecule, after entering the body, will find its respective receptor site and pass on the information it carries. Having executed its therapeutic functions, it is moved to the liver or kidneys where it is processed and removed from the body.

Ease of Production over Safety: 
Another reason pharmaceutical drugs are so popular is because they can be easily produced in bulk. The drug formulas patented by companies produce a standardized version of the drug for each batch created. This level of control in production guarantees profits every time.

Naturally occurring substances, however, depend completely on the ever-changing elements. The seasons, temperature, humidity, soil conditions, rainfall, etc. affect the growth and quality of each essential oil crop. This also produces slight variations in each crop which means no two batches of the product will be the same. Mother Nature is in charge and companies have little control. For instance, doTERRA has very stringent testing standards to ensure that its essential oils are uncompromised. Each new batch of essential oil undergoes a number of tests to not only check for potential adulterants but also to determine the composition of the oil is unchanged and potent. Thus, even if the new batch has slight variations in aroma or color, its individual constituents, which give the oil its amazing properties that do wonders for the body and mind, remain the same. 

Also, products of nature cannot be patented. For big companies, it is easier to patent their in-house formulas for drugs and produce them in bulk, thereby snaring a chunk of the market.

An Objective Case for Essential Oils: 
Essential oils and drugs work in starkly different ways. Essential oils may help to detoxify and cleanse the system. They strengthen the immune system and fight unwanted pathogens. In fact, they selectively target harmful bacteria, helping the body’s natural flora to thrive. They work holistically at a cellular level to restore balance in the body. Also, because they are completely natural, essential oils have no side effects.

Drugs usually work by manipulating the cells, blocking certain receptor sites, and basically tricking the body into giving up symptoms related to a disease. The root cause of the disease is often ignored. And of course, because they synthesized in a lab, they flood the body with unnatural molecules, which inevitably lead to side-effects.

Let’s not write off allopathic medicine altogether: 
Of course, allopathic medicines serve an important and indispensable function in the present healthcare system. They are especially useful in treating emergency medical conditions. When an accident victim is brought in or if someone has suffered third-degree burns, allopathy has the right resources to address and treat these conditions. However, when it comes to healing, it offers very little in terms of actual treatment.

Essential oils, when used properly, have so much to offer. They adopt a holistic approach to relieve symptoms and pain by working on a physical, mental, and emotional level. They help build the body’s natural defenses, cleansing it of unwanted pathogens, alleviating pain, and restoring functions. The only path to health and wellness need not be the one prescribed by big Pharma industries; more effective answers could literally lie in the lap of Mother Nature. 

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