Detox Your Personal Care Routine with Essential Oils

Detox your Personal Care Routine with Essential Oils

As a busy mom of three teenagers, finding time for self-care is tough. For some time, I almost got set in my ways and forgot to include this very essential habit in my daily routine. Lately, I have realized how important it is to spend a few minutes taking care of myself. The unexpected outcome of being mindful of having this time for myself has made me more energetic and generally improved my overall physical and mental well-being.

As a plus, I have incorporated essential oils in my daily personal care routine to ensure I am only exposing myself to natural, toxin-free substances. I have switched from chemical-laden products to natural alternatives, some of which I make myself. I have put together a list of natural daily use products that you could try too.

1) Skincare:
We depend a lot on over-the-counter, popular commercial cosmetics. Your daily creams and lotions can be easily replaced with facial oils, or you can add certain essential oils to enhance the benefits of your skincare products.

- Geranium and frankincense help support healthy, young-looking skin. You can create your own facial oil by mixing these with a carrier like an aloe vera or coconut.

- Adding a few drops of tea tree to your cleansers will help protect your skin against seasonal and environmental threats and also help reduce blemishes.

- Applying cedarwood on trouble spots on the skin can reduce their appearance.

- Adding Cypress to your toner helps tackle oily skin.

- doTERRA also has special skincare selections if your busy or just don’t want to make your own: Essential Skin CareVeráge (my favorite for over 40), and HD Clear Skin Care lines. These are made from natural ingredients and are gentle on the skin.

2) Haircare:
When it comes to hair care, we are often complacent and do little more than shampoo and condition our hair. Here are a few ways you can naturally care for your tresses using essential oils.

- Add a few drops of tea tree to your shampoo and use to maintain a healthy scalp and reduce dryness.

- Rub a few drops of Rosemary into your scalp to maintain hair growth and thickness.

- Add a few drops of ylang-ylang to fractioned coconut oil for a deep hair conditioner.

- Applying a drop of sandalwood to wet hair after your bath will help maintain moisture and shine.

- doTERRA Salon Essentials Hair Care products can be an excellent alternative for your hair care needs. I have stories from friends of hair growth, less split ends, and overall softness from using the hair care products.

3) Bodycare:
My post-bath/shower routine usually involves the use of a cream or a moisturizing body lotion. If you want to detox your personal care routine, you could simply switch to using fractioned coconut oil as a moisturizer. It is an excellent emollient and won’t clog pores. You can add essential oils like sandalwood, geranium, or lavender for a gentle fragrance and added benefits. If you prefer to stick to lotion, try doTERRA SPA Hand & Body Lotion. It’s like having your own lotion store at your fingertips, you can add whatever oil you want and change it up daily! Check out the full doTERRA SPA Line for all your body care needs.

4) Deodorant:
There is a lot of debate on the effects of commercial antiperspirants on the body. The ingredients present in these can get absorbed into the skin and enter your system.

- doTERRA offers two natural deodorants that are made from all-natural ingredients: doTERRA Douglas fir & Greek Orange (gentle formula) and doTERRA Balance (grounding blend). You can find them here.

- I also like to use and recommend doTERRA SPA Detoxifying Mud Mask for detoxifying benefits in your underarms when switching to a natural deodorant. I noticed a faint ‘odor’ even after showering. It was my body’s way of releasing the toxins that had been suppressed for years while using store-bought brands. Infused with essential oils of Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit helps promote purifying benefits using just 1/x a month.

5) PMS and Menopause support:
The menstrual cycle can be very difficult for many women. Also, coping with the changes menopause brings can be harsh. Women experience cramps, moodiness, hot flashes, etc. I know I am entering into the Pre-M stage of my life and rely heavily on doTERRA for natural support.

- Essential oils like clary sage, fennel, and eucalyptus can help support healthy moods, hormone balance, and soothing relief during menstrual cycles and menopause.

- doTERRA ClaryCalm offers soothing support during the menstrual cycle. I use it consistently on day 1 when it hits me the hardest.

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex supplements help support normal and balanced hormone levels.

These are a few ways you can detox your daily personal care habits and embrace a more natural lifestyle. Comment below what your favorite oils and products are for personal care!

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